Iowa team classifications are based on Iowa USSSA Baseball program and not nationally. 


Iowa team classifications are based on power ratings, tournament results and by overall team performance on the field.


Any team that is reforming from the 2014 season must start the 2015 season in the same classification (or higher) that they finished the 2014 season unless otherwise noted in 2015 team classification.

For purpose of classifications, if six (6) or more players from a 2014 team are on a 2015 team, they are considered the same team regardless of the TEAM NAME, MANAGER, COACHING STAFF or SPONSOR.


The State Office will make final classification adjustments by the 1st of June of each season.  This should give teams ample time to prepare for State and World Series plans.  Please note that teams may be reclassified at any time by the Iowa USSSA Baseball State Office or by the National Baseball Committee.

Major Classification
Top 5% - 10% of the teams in the state. 

Best teams in the state

Can Compete with Major teams in region.


AAA Classification

Upper middle 20% - 35% of the teams in the state. 

Traveling teams

Tryout teams


AA Classification

Lower middle 30% - 45% of the teams in the state. 

Limited travel schedule

Players from same local area.


A Classification

Remaining 10% - 20% of the teams in the state.

School teams

Limited playing schedule

Local tournaments


Drafted League Classification

Teams formed from drafted leagues.

Little League teams


Undoubtedly, not everyone will agree with classifications.  Any team wishing to appeal a reclassification may do so after playing a minimum of eight USSSA tournament games after January 1, 2015 against teams in their new classification.  Once the results for these games have been posted to the USSSA system, a review will be completed to determine if the team is competitive at the new level. 


The term "competitive" is and always will be subjective.  A team that plays a little below or above .500 in any classification is competitive. A team that loses every game by one run is also competitive. 


Do your part to help the accountability of the USSSA system.  View the rosters of the teams in your age division before you play them to make sure that they are compliant with roster rules.  Tournament Directors are also being told this is a requirement of them hosting USSSA events now.  The class system of play works if you are part of the accountability mechanism.  USSSA is the only organization in the country that can make class play work as it should and monitor it. 



2015 Year Start Classifications


Returning teams are required to start the 2015 season at the classification stated below.

Iowa USSSA Baseball does not move teams to a lower classification to start the upcoming season, we only move teams up in classification based on 2014 performance.  If your team struggled in 2014 and would like to request to start the 2015 season at a lower classification, please email and state the reasons to drop a class.



8 Kid Pitch Classification Program (10/22/2014)



9U           10U           11U           12U           13U           14U



9 Major   9 AAA   9 AA    
Ankeny Blackhawks   ADM Tigers   Altoona Heat    
Burlington Mudd Dawgs   Ankeny Thunder   Altoona Mustangs    
Carroll Knights   CCA Clippers-Blue   Altoona Red Sox    
Comets   Central Iowa Lightning   Barnstormer Bombers    
CR Reds 8U   Cobras   BOONE BANDITS    
Iowa Sticks   CPU Storm   Bulltown 8U    
Jr Cougar Gold   Des Moines Sluggers   Carlisle Wildcats    
Little Hawks   Dubuque Bulldogs   Central Iowa Crush    
Quad City Heat   Fairfield 8U   Clarinda Jr. A's 8u    
RiverDawgs   Full Count   clinton county dirtdogs    
Trojan Green   Iowa Mustangs   Comet Baseball Club 8U    
WDM Saints   Linn Mar Black   Dragons    
  Linn Mar Red   Eagles    
  Midwest Pride White   FORT DODGE LEGENDS    
  Naturals   Iowa City Gold Sox    
  Ottumwa Lightning   Iowa City Regina Regals    
  Rams Black   Iowa Redbirds    
  Sioux City Futures   Johnston Force    
  Team J2K   Johnston Slam    
  Waukee Lightning   Jr J-Hawks    
  Waukee Thunder   Jr. Warrior Red    
  Xplosion Blue   KCCI Thunder    
      Linn Mar Pride 8U    
      Linn Mar White 8U    
      Linn-Mar Lions    
      Marion Indians    
      Norwalk Thunder    
      Orange Xplosion    
      Prairie Black    
      Prairie Hawks Orange    
      Rams Gold    
      river city owls 8u    
      Saints Blue    
      Saints Silver - 8U    
      Slammers Baseball Club    
      Solon Sluggers    
      Solon Spartans    
      Synergy Baseball    
      Tigers Baseball Club    
      Trojan Gold    
      Urbandale J-Hawks    
      Urbandale Knights    
      Waukee Nails    
      WDM Cougars    
      WDM Mudcats    
10 Major   10 AAA   10 AA   10 A
Ankeny Hawks   3D Waukee Wildcats   Ankeny Crimson Tide   Ballard Bombers
Bases Loaded Academy 9U   ADM Tigers   Bandits   Bombers Baseball Club
Burlington Xplosion   Barnstormer Stix   Benton Community Blue Cats   CR Jr. J-Hawks 9U White
Cedar Rapids Reds   Beaverdale Warriors   Benton Jr. Bobcats   Grand Slam Cardinals
Des Moines Cubs 9U   Burlington Mudd Dawgs Purple   Bulltown Baseball 9U   Grinnell Tigers
Dubuque Tigers 9U   Carlisle Wildcats   Burlington Mudd Dawgs Black   Indianola Storm
Iowa Mustangs   Comets   Capital City Crush   Indianola Wolfpack
Iowa Rays   Cougars 9U Gold   CCABC 9U   Johnston Raptors
Iowa Sticks   Davenport Little Hawks 9U   Clinton Storm   Linn Mar Lions
Quad City Heat 9U   Dubuque GOLD   CPU Goebel   Linn Mar White
Rams Black   Dubuque Marlins   CR Warriors 9U Red   Little Hawks 9U White
Urbandale J-Hawks   Fairfield 9U   Davenport 9u wildcats   muscatine baseball academy
  Grandview East   Des Moines Dragons   Muscatine Cardinals
  Iowa Sharks   Des Moines Irish   Norwalk Riversharks
  Johnston Beasts   Fort Dodge Legends   Norwalk Warriors
  Johnston Sun Devils (9U)   Ft.Madison Hounds 9U   Oskaloosa Thunder
  Jr. J-Hawks Blue   Full Count 9u   Prairie 9u white
  Lancer Baseball Club - Scarlet   Iowa Vipers   Rams Gold
  Linn Mar Black 9U   Jr Cougar Green   Red Rock Rebels
  MID IOWA STORM   Knights Youth Baseball White   Reds
  Mid-Iowa Rampage   Linn Mar Red   Regina 9U
  Ottumwa Bulldogs 9U   Little Hawks 9U Red   Saints 9U Blue
  Sioux City Futures 9U   Marion Indians 9U   Saints 9U Navy
  Siouxland Stars   Marshalltown Bobcats   South Tama baseball club
  Southern Iowa River Bandits   Mason City Blackhawks   Tigers
  Trojan 9U Green   Mid West Pride 9U (Red)   WDM Wild
  Trojans Gold   Mid West Pride 9U (White)   Williamsburg Raiders
  Waukee Stars   Mt. Pleasant Panthers   Xtreme Warriors
      MV Muddogs    
      N.L. Tigers 9U Red    
      Norwalk Thunder    
      Pella Titans    
      Prairie Hawks Black    
      Prairie Orange    
      QC Dirt Dogs    
      River City Owls 9u    
      Saints 9U Silver    
      Tigers Baseball Club 9u Black    
      Urbandale Raptors    
      Vinton Shellsburg Vikings    
      WDM Bandits    
      WDM Heat    
      Westside Thunder    
11 Major   11 AAA   11 AA   11 A
Barnstormer Aces   Ankeny Heat   Aces   ATK Attack
Burlington Mudd Dawgs Black   Ankeny SkyHawks   Altoona Bombers   Benton BlueSox 10u
CR Reds   APPANOOSE CO. ACES   Baker Baseball   BULLTOWN Baseball 10u Gold
Des Moines Cubs 10U   Bucks Baseball   Ballard 10U   Bulltown Baseball Black
Diamond Dawgs   Bulldogs   Barnstormer Bolts   Burlington Vipers
Dubuque Bulldogs   Clarinda Junior A's   Beaverdale Sliders   Central Iowa Storm
Dubuque Stix   Corridor Diamond Dreams   Bettendorf Bulldogs   Central Iowa Wildcats
Grand Slam Vipers   Cougars Gold   BLA BOOM   Clarinda JA's
Iowa Sticks   Davenport Little Hawks   Bondurant Blue Jays   CR Hurricane Green
Mason City Redhawks   Eastern Iowa Cardinals   BURLINGTON XPLOSION   FD Legends Blue
Midwest Pride Black   Full Count 10u Red   CCA Clippers   Hurricane Orange
Quad City Hitmen Blue   Grinnell Tigers   Central Iowa Crush   Interstate Roadrunners
Rams Black   Husky Dogs   Central Iowa Sliders   Iowa City Trojan Green
Urbandale J-Hawks   Iowa Timber Rattlers   CJB Chaos 10u   Jr. J-Hawks White
  Iowa Warriors 10u   Clear Lake Lions   Linn Mar Gray
  Lancer Baseball Club   Comet Baseball Club 10U   Linn Mar White
  Linn Mar Black   CPU Storm   Marion Indians Gold
  Little Hawks Red 10U   CR Jr Warriors   Marshalltown Bobcats
  Marion Indians 10U Red   Davenport Rebels   Middle River Blue Devils
  Mid Iowa Bombers   Davenport Wildcats   Muscatine Cardinals
  Mid West Pride 10U (Red)   DeWitt Dirt Devils   Mustangs Maroon 2022
  Mudd Dawgs Purple   Durant Gold 10U   Naturals
  MVP Baseball 10U   Dyersville Dbacks   NP Comets
  Pella Crush   Dyersville Indians   Rams Gold
  Prairie Hawks Black   Dynamite   Regal 22
  S&P Hitting Zone Destroyers   Dynamite Sports Club   Renegades
  Sioux City Futures 10U Orange   Eastside Rebels   SAINTS NAVY
  Sudden Impact   Fairfield 10U   Solon Spartans
  War Cats   Fort Dodge 10U Legends   South Tama Baseball Club
  WDM Damage   Fort Madison Hounds WSP   Thunder
      Full Count 10u Blue   Tigers Baseball Club
      Glenwood Rams 10U   Vinton Shellsburg Vikings
      GoHawks- Holden   Waterloo Jr. Wahawks
      Hampton-Dumont Bulldogs   Waukee Sharks
      Heat Baseball Club   WDM Wolves
      IA OAKS   Wilton Beavers
      Indianola Braves    
      Indianola Braves Purple    
      Iowa City Little Hawks White    
      Iowa City Trojans Gold 10U    
      Iowa Mustangs    
      Iowa River Rippers    
      Jr. J-Hawks    
      Knights Youth Baseball    
      Linn Mar Lions    
      Linn Mar Red    
      Marion County Ice    
      Marshall County Tigers    
      muscatine baseball academy    
      Mustangs Baseball 2022    
      NS Lancers 10U    
      NSM BraveHawks    
      Oskaloosa Heat    
      Prairie Hawks 10U Orange    
      Riders 10U    
      River City Owls    
      Saints Silver    
      Sioux City Futures 10U Navy    
      Sioux City Sluggers    
      Solon Shockers    
      Urbandale Redbirds    
      Washington Blast    
      Waterloo Sox    
      Waukee Wildcats    
      WD Mud Dogs    
      Wilton Beavers - Blue    
      W-SR Go-Hawks    
12 Major   12 AAA   12 AA   12 A
Ankeny Warhawks   3D Ruff Riders   ALL BLACKS   Alburnett Pirates 11U
Asbury Expos   Ankeny Sharks   Alta-Aurelia 11U   Ankeny Avengers
Barnstormer Blazers   Barnstormer Bandits   Ankeny Sox   Ankeny Slammers
Cedar Falls Tigers   Blaze Baseball   Barnstormer Crush   Arsenal Baseball
Central Iowa Shockers   Blue Demons   Bettendorf River Dogs   Benton Blue Sox
COMETS   Burlington Mudd Dawgs   Blue Devils   Bombers Baseball U11
Dubuque Sting   Cedar Rapids Reds 11U   Bobcat Hustle   Bulltown Baseball
Full Count Select   Central Iowa Stars   Bombers   Burlington Vipers
IC Trojans Gold   Clear Lake Bombers 2021   Bucks Baseball   Clinton County Mudcats
Iowa Capitals   Clipper Cannons   Carlisle Wildcats   Clippers
Iowa Sticks Red 11 U   Crush   CCA 11u Blue   CPU Storm
Iowa Yankees   Davenport Wildcats   Cedar Rapids Warriors Red   CR JR Cougars 11U Green
Johnston Aces   Dubuque Marlins   Central Iowa Trojans   Des Moines Dominators
Rams Black   Grandview Elite   CJB Chaos 11U   Dyersville Bulls
Urbandale J-Hawks   Indianola Storm   Cougars Gold 11u   Fairfield 11U
  Iowa Diamondbacks   Davenport Little Hawks   Indianola Vipers
  Iowa Warriors 11u   Davenport Rage   Linn County OutLawz
  Johnston Crush   DCG Mustangs   Linn Mar White
  Johnston Flash   DeWitt Diamondbacks   Linn-Mar Lions 11U
  Jr JHawks   Express   Mid West Pride 11U (Gray)
  Lil Fellers Baseball Club   Full Count 11u   Midwest Heat
  Linn-Mar Black   Glenwood Rams 11U   Muddogs
  Midwest Rampage   Heat Baseball Club   Mustangs Black
  North Scott Lancers - Scarlet   Indians   MVP Baseball 11U
  Norwalk Thunder   Iowa Falls-Alden   North Scott Nitro 11U
  Ottumwa Heat   Iowa Sticks 11U White   Panthers
  Prairie Hawks Black   Johnston Magic   Prairie 11U White
  Quad City Bombers   Knights Youth Baseball red   Rams Gold
  Quad City Hurricanes   Legends   Runnin' Raiders
  Saints Silver   Linn Mar Red   Saints Blue
  Spencer Tigers 11u   Linn-Mar Grey   Saints Navy 11U
  Townhouse Huskies   Lisbon Lazers   Sliders
  Trojan Green 11u   Little Hawk 11u   South Tama baseball Club Blue
  Waterloo Jr. Wahawks   Marion Indians 11U   Tigers 2021
  Waukee Storm   Mason City Dirt Dogs   Tigers Baseball Club
      Mid-Iowa Thunder   Vinton Shellsburg Vikings
      Monticello Panthers   Vipers
      Mt. Pleasant Panthers   Warhawks
      muscatine baseball academy   West Branch Bears 2021
      Muscatine Cardinals 11u   Wildcats
      MV Thunder   Winterset Heat
      North Central Iowa Razorbacks   Wolverines
      North Scott Lancers Silver    
      Pella Heat    
      Prairie Hawks Orange    
      Quad City Heat    
      Rebels Baseball    
      Regal Gold    
      River City Owls 11's    
      Sioux City Futures 11U    
      Sioux City Thunder    
      Solon Slammers    
      Solon Steel    
      South Tama baseball Club Black    
      Southern Iowa Shockers    
      The Sluggers    
      Trojan White    
      Waukee Spikes    
      WDM Thunder    
      Webster City Wolves    
      West Des Moines Tigers    
      Westside Aces    
      W-SR Go-Hawks    
13 Major   13 AAA   13 AA   13 A
Altoona Lightning   Appanoose Co. ACES   3D Ambush   2020 Baseball
Ankeny Heat   Barnstormer Hawks   ADM Tigers   2020 Mustangs
Bases Loaded Academy-Sting   Boone Bombers   Ankeny Attack   Ankeny Challengers
Cedar Rapids Reds 12U   Bulldogs   Ankeny Crush   Baker Baseball
Dubuque Tigers Elite   Burlington Mudd Dawgs Black   Ankeny Xplosion   Beasts
Grand Slam USA Longhorns   Cedar Rapids Giants Black   Avengers   Boone Elite
Heat Baseball Club 12U Red   Central Iowa Crush   Barnstormer Thunder   Bulltown Basball
Iowa Hurricanes   Davenport Wildcats   Benton Blue Sox   Carlisle Elite
Iowa Mustangs   DeWitt Dragons   Bobcats   CCA Clippers 12U Blue
Johnston Sundevils   Dubuque County Nationals   Bombers   Cedar Rapids Cougars Green
North Scott Lancers '01   Fall Ballers 2   Burlington Vipers   CPU Storm - Black
Oskaloosa Storm   FM HOUNDS 12U   Cedar Rapids Cougars Gold   CR Warriors
Perfect Game   Heat BB Club (white)   Cedar Rapids Fire   DC-Grimes Mustangs
Quad City Heat Black 12U   i9 Cardinals   Cedar Rapids Giants Orange   Ely Elite
Quad City Hitmen Blue   Iowa Cobras   Cedar Valley Vipers   Four Mile Rebel Rams
Siouxland Stars   Iowa Steal   Centerville Reds   Greene County Rams
Titans Baseball   Iowa Sticks   Central Iowa Vipers   Grimes Silver
  Linn-Mar Black Sox   Central Iowa Yankees   Iowa Inferno
  Mt. Pleasant Panthers 12U   Clinton County Mudcats 12U   Lincoln Rails
  Mustangs Baseball Club   CPU Storm - Gold   Linn Mar Lions
  Norwalk Thunder   CR Fire   Linn Mar Lions-Silver
  Rams Black   Crescent Rattlers   Linn Mar Red
  Riders   Davenport Rage   Linn Mar White 12U
  River City Owls   Demons   Maquoketa Cardinals
  River City Rage   Dirt Dawgs   Mid West Pride 12U (Gray)
  Saints Silver   Dodgers Baseball Club   North Polk Comets
  SED Sports   Dubuque Mudcats   Outlaws
  Shockers   Dubuque Tigers Gold   Prairie Hawks Orange
  Sioux City Sluggers   Dyersville Flyers   Rails BBC
  Storm   Fairfield 12U   Rams Gold
  Tigers Baseball Club 12U Black   Fall Ballers   Silverhawks
  Tribe Baseball   FDBA Legends U12   Solon Spartans 2020
  Trojans 12u Gold   Fort Dodge Sluggers   South Tama Baseball Club
  Urbandale Blue Jays   Fury   Tri County Crush
      Glenwood Rams 12U   Vinton Shellsburg Vikings
      Grand Slam Force   Waterloo Jr. Wahawks
      GV Stars   Waterloo Jr. Wahawks Black
      HLV Warriors   WDM Venom
      IC Trojans Green 12u   WDM Xtreme
      Indianola Braves   Wolf Pack
      Iowa Storm    
      Johnston Dash    
      Johnston Generals    
      Jr J-Hawks    
      Lancer Baseball Club-Silver    
      Little Hawks 12u Red    
      Madrid Lightning    
      Manchester Hawks    
      Midwest Slammers    
      Mudd Dawgs Purple    
      Muscatine Cardinals    
      Muscatine Tribe Baseball    
      North Liberty Knights    
      Norwalk Rush    
      NW Iowa Renegades    
      PCM Mustangs    
      Pella Twins    
      Prairie Hawks Black    
      Quad City Heat Red    
      River City Thunder    
      Saints Navy    
      Solon Storm    
      Southern Iowa Sliders    
      Southside Sting    
      Tigers Baseball Club 12U Red    
      Townhouse Huskies    
      Waukee Nitro    
      Waukee Thunder    
      WDM Lightning    
      WDM Seminoles    
      West Branch 12U